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There is no doubt every home needs an efficient hot water unit, but a common question is how should it be installed?

This is a process that takes the right equipment, skill and training. Therefore, we always recommended that you get assistance from trained water heater installers in order to achieve a safe and timely outcome.

Before you reach out to a plumber it is important to take a few things into consideration. This mainly includes the type of water heater you are seeking to install and whether it’s gas or electric.


Does the type of water heater affect installation?


Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to hot water systems, but should be aware the installation process can vary depending on the chosen hot water heating unit.

The main types of hot water systems include; heat pump water heaters, continuous flow hot water systems, solar hot water systems and storage hot water systems. Furthermore, households can also choose between gas and electric.

Depending on the style of home, number of people living on the premises and the estimated demand for hot water, it is important that you choose the right unit for you. At Will’s Plumbing our skilled plumbers are happy to walk you through this decision making process so that you can make the best choice for your circumstances.

As a homeowner, the main things that will vary depending on the type of hot water unit is the time and costs associated with the installation. The more complex the installation is, the higher it is likely to cost. Reach out to Will’s Plumbing to receive advice on your individual water heater installation.


Looking for a water heater repair or installation in Adelaide?


If you need a hot water heater installed then it’s time to make an appointment with Will’s plumbing, your local water heater installers. Will has extensive knowledge and experience with installing hot water heaters, so you are guaranteed a fantastic service!

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