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Are you licensed?
Will is fully licensed & insured and has been the plumber of choice for many people across Adelaide for 10 years. Will is constantly updating and expanding his skills and knowledge base; keeping up to date with all new innovations.
Can you help me with ‘x’ problem?
Will is experienced in a variety of plumbing issues: blocked drains, hot water units, gas, pipe installations and many other plumbing problems. Feel free to browse our website for a full list of what Will can help you with.
Why do my water pipes rattle?
Rattling pipes are usually caused by your water lines. If your water lines are not correctly installed or fitted, your pipes may rattle. This can be fixed quickly and effectively by Will’s Plumbing.
What causes drain blockages? Can I fix it myself?
Drain blockages are usually caused by a build up of material such as hair, oil, tree roots and other common materials. Many blockages can NOT be fixed using products available from supermarkets or hardware stores. However, if your drains are becoming blocked constantly you should call Will’s Plumbing, as there may be a more serious issue causing these blockages.
How much do you charge?
Without knowing the specific problem, it is impossible to tell. Contact us or request a quote to find out. It is important to know that we offer fair and competitive rates for any problems across Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.
Why is my hot water colder than usual?
This may be due to a few problems, but you should first identify the brand and type of hot water unit you have in your house. Once you’ve identified this, please contact us so we can investigate the problem thoroughly.
Why is my tap leaking/dripping?
Leaking taps can be caused by a number of different issues. For instance, you will generally find your tap is leaking due to a damaged part, or damaged plumbing. In this case, you may need to replace part of, or the whole tap to fix the problem. Will’s Plumbing offers affordable and competitive rates to fix leaky taps.
Why is my water pressure lower than usual?
Leaks, damages and blockages in the water pipes in your house’s infrastructure may be causing low water pressure. Low water pressure is a common plumbing problem, which means Will is well accustomed to fixing the issue effectively and efficiently.
If I have a pipe emergency, what can I do?
If you have an emergency plumbing problem, please call 0484 600 095 (available 24 hours a day). Will’s Plumbing Emergency Service will promptly fix your plumbing issue.
What is relining?
Drain Pipe relining is a somewhat new technology that allows mostly drains below ground to be repaired without the need of digging, cutting concrete, removal of retaining walls, pulling up pavers, removing fences etc. In a nutshell, drain pipe relining is a method of installing a section of special epoxy resin within the damaged section of a drain. This will inflate it into a position up against the internal wall of the existing drain and form a pipe within your damaged pipe which then hardens.
What kind of drain pipes can be relined?
Pipe relining can now be used on a variety of pipes, including sewer, stormwater, concrete pipes, terracotta/earthenware pipes, cast iron pipes, pvc pipes, lead pipes, copper drain pipes, and concrete pipes.

Pipe relining is a leading technology that rehabilitates the pipe rather than removing the whole system, which can be quite destructive and costly. This potential money-saving option has been tested on systems around Australia and is proven to deliver great results.

With pipe relining the straight section of a drain can be lined along with junctions which can save you time and money!

What is the relining made of?
Normally the felt or liner is made from polyester or fiberglass, with a polyurethane coating used in conjunction with an epoxy resin.
How much does it cost to reline a pipe?
This is an open question. The reason why there is not a one size fits all answer is because each job is different. Some factors which are considered when pricing a repair are:

  1. The location of drain
  2. The length and amount of drain to be relined
  3. The material of drain and configuration of the drainage pipe, for example is the drain PVC or Earthenware and is the liner or felt to be installed in a straight section of drainpipe or in a junction or elbow.
  4. Access into drain
  5. The amount of time to prepare the drain for relining, for example roots may need to be removed, drain may need etching, removal of foreign objects like concrete, star droppers, reinforced rob etc.
  6. The execution risks

These are some factors taken into consideration when costing/quoting a repair so it’s best to give us a call so we can quote you on the potential cost of the repair.

Is it true that pipe relining is an expensive process?
The cost of relining in some cases may be a little more, especially when a pipe is located in a difficult location to access. Although we always recommend that you consider all options, pipe relining and other methods

This depends on a number of factors. You as the owner should take into account the convenience of pipe relining. Let me ask you this, is it worth paying to dig up and replace the old drain? Or instead, opt for an effective process with pipe relining if it works out cheaper? Not only will the traditional method leave your property or business a mess but the cost to reinstate a fence, concrete, pavers, etc may cost more than relining.

In saying all of this, the cost of relining may in some cases cost a lot less than digging and repairing a drainpipe especially when a pipe is located in a difficult location to access.

All that said, it’s worth getting us out to assess the job and give you a quote before you make a decision.

How does pipe relining work?
Please refer to video – attach link and use above content.

The method uses a resin, which is applied to a felt/tube material. This is then inserted into the damaged section of the drain. With the use of specialised equipment, this will harden and cure to form a pipe within the existing pipe section

How long does relining last?
Normally a warranty between 25 years applies on the liner itself subject to terms and conditions.
How do I know if mm pipes can be repaired in the form of relining?
Best to get us out and inspect your drains using a drain camera. We can show you firsthand the scale of the job and help you to go through your options.
If I have a pipe emergency, what can I do?
Please call 0484 600 095 if you have an emergency plumbing problem (available 24 hours a day). Will’s Plumbing Emergency Service will resolve your plumbing problem as soon as possible.



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