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Repairing sewers located underground is something most homeowners have to deal with at one stage or another. Over time, pipes break, crack or corrode. At Will’s Plumbing we use systems and devices aimed at extending the service life of sewers and other underground piping infrastructure to ensure that there is no damage to your property.

Choosing to reline your pipes, instead of replace them will save you time, and money – both on the materials and excavation/re-installation. And if the damaged pipes are beneath a driveway or walkway, it’s going to cost more to remove the concrete. At Will’s Plumbing we use non-intrusive methods so that everything stays intact.

Along with our Hydrojet drain cleaner we have CCTV (video) drain inspection technology. This can be used to pinpoint any obstacles and drainage issues you may have in your drain. We provide footage of what we have found and recommend the best method of repair.

Gone are the days when relining your pipes is messy, costly and time-consuming. Will’s system is simple and fast, with minimal intrusion – so you don’t need to worry about damage to your house. Sewer repairs that require no digging is cost-effective, and once they’ve been relined, you can eliminate any concerns about having to worry about sewer line damage anytime soon. Give Will’s a call today to have your pipes relined and fixed, with a certainty there will be no damage to your property.



Looking for a plumber in Blackwood? Will’s Plumbing are your locals, providing an reliable service that won’t break the bank. We have a great understanding of the potential issues that arise in particular areas and can implement preventable measures to make sure the problems don’t occur as regularly.

Will’s Plumbing has been serving your area for 15 years and ensure complete satisfaction from the time of call, arrival, assessment through to the completion of the job at hand. For a cost effective and reliable team in Blackwood, call Will’s Plumbing today.

We offer a range of services listed below. Be sure to check out our special deals for your next call out.


1. Located the section of piping causing drain malfunction by talking to the customer.
2. Perform a CCTV drain inspection to identify the location of the piping.
3. Discuss with owner options on repair.
4. Clean the section of pipe using drain cleaning equipment and a high-pressure Hydro-Jet.
5. Roughen or mechanically etch the internal surface of the existing piping using sanding discs of a wire brush.
6. Flush to remove any debris.
7. Perform a secondary CCTV drain inspection to inspect the section be relined.
8. Insert the section of liner/felt into the section of piping to be patched.
9. Perform a third CCTV drain inspection to ensure that the liner/felt is located in the correct position and also installed correctly.
10. Reinstate the laterals by opening to the full internal diameter of the lateral, alternatively install one piece lateral junction liner.
11. Perform a fourth CCTV drain inspection to confirm the integrity of the renovated pipe and also a satisfactory outcome of the condition of all laterals.
12. Perform hydristatic testing of the section of piping renovated/relined.


“Our coffee machine had a blocked hose so we called Will who arrived when he said he would. He was prompt, efficient and friendly. He was reasonably priced and did a great job. Would 100% recommend and will be calling him every time we have a problem.”

– Stephanie Wilson


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90% of customers love us

90% of customers love us

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