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We provide a local Happy Valley gas fitting service and we are well-known gas fitters and plumbers throughout Happy Valley and have successfully helped many homes and commercial establishments with their gas needs. We specialise in providing gas appliance installations, repair gas pipes, install new gas lines, and gas leak detection services. So, when you need a reliable Gas Fitter you know who to call now!

You should never attempt to deal with any gas related work on your own, especially if you own a commercial establishment. One mistake while dealing with gas related work can lead to mountains of issues down the line. We know how important gas is for every home and commercial establishment, which is why we provide our customers with round the clock support and services so that they call us whenever they need any gas fitting work done professionally.

As soon as you smell any gas, it’s highly recommended that you contact us to prevent any damage to you or your property. Businesses and homeowners who neglect the condition of their gas pipes especially the gas pipes concealed under the house are putting their establishment and livelihood at risk. This is why contacting a professional for gas leak detection as soon as you smell gas is the best approach. Gas leaks can occur either via faulty gas appliances or through corroded gas pipes.

Will’s Plumbing Happy Valley has established a reputation for providing our customers with top of the line replacement parts as well as high quality and cost effective repairs for their plumbing and gas fitting needs. With one of our professional gas fitters working for you, you’ll never have to worry about a gas leak from pipes, appliances or anywhere else ever again!

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“Excellent, top chap. Will began and almost finished work before I even got home. He was more understanding than he should have been when I was late. Will’s tools look like they could handle almost any job. I would definitely recommend to anyone.”

– D. Gordon

90% of customers love us

90% of customers love us

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Submit your details and we’ll get in touch soon! If you have a plumbing emergency that needs immediate attention, please call 0484 600 095.