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Leaking Tap Repairs Happy Valley

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Tap Repairs & Tapware Installation Services

Whether you need to repair a leaking tap, install a new tap or upgrade your existing tap, you can count on our local Happy Valley leaking tap repairs service. We get the job done while providing fast and efficient solutions that meet your budget.

A leaking tap might not seem like that big of a deal initially, but if left as is, it can easily result in an enormous water bill and can cause major damage over time causing the tap to be replaced, which can be more costly.

Being proactive and having your leaking tap fixed by a professional plumber can save you from a lot of annoyance which a leaking tap can bring, as well as save you the money that would otherwise have to be spent on having the tap removed/replaced.

Attempting to repair a leaking tap might sound tempting but without knowing what you’re doing you can easily end up doing more harm than good. You need to know what part plays what role and how a tap operates to implement an effective repair along with having to purchase expensive tools. But then again, why would you want to waste your day off fixing a tap when you can get professional plumbers in Happy Valley to do it for you at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re looking for a Happy Valley Plumbing Service for tap installations or replacements, we offer our customers a wide variety of the finest taps from high-quality brands as well as offering a professional consultation so that you can choose a tap that best fits your needs. If you already have a custom tap, we’ll send our professional plumbers over to have them install your taps in the most efficient way possible. Check out or great specials and prices below and give us a call or fill out the free quote form here on the website.


“Excellent, top chap. Will began and almost finished work before I even got home. He was more understanding than he should have been when I was late. Will’s tools look like they could handle almost any job. I would definitely recommend to anyone.”

– D. Gordon

Industries We Serve

Family friendly plumbers at your door step! There is no job too big or too small when it comes to your home plumbing needs. At Will’s Plumbing Adelaide we are always available to take your call and always on time. Simply get on the phone and we can assist ASAP.
Strata Bodies & Corporations
Dealing with your tenants or owner occupiers is a stream lined process with Will’s Plumbing. Jobs get done on time every time with no inconvenience to your clients.

Everything we do is documented and reported back to you, saving you time and stress on whether the job was done efficiently.

Property Maintenance for Real Estate Agents
We provide you and your clients with personalised service, which means life in your office becomes easy and stress free when you know we are a phone call away. Your questions are answered by the proffessional plumber on the job, not a call centre.
We understand that hotels are a 24/7 maintenance operation, and plumbing can go wrong at the most inconvenient of times. Will’s plumbing runs 24/7 and for your piece of mind we can be at your hotel and fix any plumbing issues fast and efficiently to help add to your quality of service and experience for your hotel guest.
Shops & Business
Whether you run a small business in Adelaide, manage cafes or restaurants which require gas and reliable plumbing for the kitchen and the wash rooms. At Will’s plumbing we run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be at your premises to make sure any plumbing needs are taken care of fast and efficiently so you can continue running your business and keeping your customers happy.
Emergency 24 hour, 7 day Service
We never close. At Will’s Plumbing we understand that when things go wrong with your plumbing, it can cause more damage the longer the problem is not resolved, especially when it comes to burst water pipes, heavy tap leaking, cracked pipes, leaking hot water units, blocked drains or a leaking roof.


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90% of customers love us

90% of customers love us

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Submit your details and we’ll get in touch soon! If you have a plumbing emergency that needs immediate attention, please call 0484 600 095.