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Pipe relining

When it comes to pipe relining we understand that the process may seem a little confusing and because of this you may have some questions!

This is why we have broken down our top 5 frequently asked questions so that you can get the answers you are looking for.

What is pipe relining?

Drain Pipe relining is a somewhat new technology that allows mostly drains below ground to be repaired without the need of digging, cutting concrete, removal of retaining walls, pulling up pavers, removing fences etc. In a nutshell, drain pipe relining is a method of installing a section of liner or felt along with special epoxy resin within the damaged section of a drain. A tool will inflate it into a position up against the internal wall of the existing drain and form a pipe within your damaged pipe which then hardens.

What materials are used for pipe relining?

In order to achieve long-lasting results we normally use a felt or liner that is made from polyester or fiberglass with a polyurethane coating. This is also used in conjunction with an epoxy resin.

How much does pipe relining cost?

This is an open ended question. The reason why there is not a one size fits all answer is because each job is different. Although for guidance, some factors which are considered when pricing a repair may include:

  1. The location of drain
  2. The length and amount of drain to be relined
  3. The material of drain and configuration of the drainage pipe, for example is the drain PVC or Earthenware and is the liner or felt to be installed in a straight section of drainpipe or in a junction or elbow.
  4. Access into drain
  5. The amount of time to prepare the drain for relining, for example roots may need to be removed, drain may need etching, removal of foreign objects like concrete, star droppers, reinforced rob etc.
  6. The execution risks

These are some of the factors that are taken into consideration when costing/quoting a repair. So it’s best to give us a call so we can quote you on what the drain relining cost would be.

What kind of pipes can be relined?

Pipe relining can now be used on a variety of pipes, including sewer or stormwater which can be constructed of concrete pipes, terracotta/earthenware pipe, cast iron pipes, pvc pipes, lead pipes and copper drain pipes.

How do I know if my pipe can be repaired in the form of relining?

Best to get us out and inspect your drains using a drain camera. We can show you firsthand the scale of the job and help you to go through your options.

Looking for a plumber who does pipe relining in Adelaide?

If you are looking for a plumber who can provide relining solutions then Will’s plumbing is your go to. Unlike other drain relining companies, we are able to offer you emergency assistance.

With extensive experience and knowledge Will’s Plumbing will fix the issue in an efficient and fast way, so get in touch with the team today.

Has your question been covered in this article? Head on over to our Q&A page here where any further queries can be answered. If you are still unsure then please reach out to Will’s Plumbing today on 0484600095.

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