How much do plumbers make in Australia?


Plumbing plays an important role in every Australian household, ensuring the smooth functioning of daily activities. But have you ever wondered who the experts are that provide this essential service? Well, they are skilled plumbers who specialise in fitting, maintaining, and repairing water, heating, and drainage systems in homes and commercial establishments. We all know that plumbing work cannot be overstated, as it is not just a convenience but a necessity to everyone for comfort and good health. Imagine a day without running water or a working toilet. Plumbers are the real heroes of any building’s infrastructure, as they ensure the efficient and safe supply of clean water and the removal of waste.

Our goal in this article is to examine how much plumber earns in Australia. Understanding their profits contributes to appreciating the economic importance of this trade to the labour market as well as the ability and knowledge needed in it. Let’s review the financial benefits of becoming a plumber in Australia and determine the factors that affect their market worth.

How Much Do Plumbers Make in Australia?

  • Factors that Affect Plumbers’ Earnings in Australia
  • Average Plumbers’ Salary in Australia
  • Ways to Increase Plumbers’ Earnings in Australia
  • Challenges Faced by Plumbers in Australia

Factors that Affect Plumbers’ Earnings in Australia

Many factors affect plumbers’ pay in Australia, including where they live, how experienced they are, and what particular abilities they have. Here’s a comprehensive review of the key factors that might affect a plumber’s income:


  1. Location: A plumber’s income is greatly impacted by the area in which they operate. For example, compared to their rural counterparts, plumbers in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne often make more money because of higher living expenses and more demand for their services. In South Australia, particularly in Adelaide and its suburbs such as Prospect, Norwood, and Glenelg, plumbers also see a higher income due to the growing urban development and demand for plumbing services. According to a survey, plumbers in Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia, especially in metropolitan areas, often earn more on average than those in other states.
  2. Experience: In the plumbing sector, experience is a crucial component. Experienced plumbers typically make more money than those who are just beginning out. This is so that they can undertake more complicated projects and frequently assume management positions; they are experienced plumbers. Plumbers with more than 20 years of experience may make up to 25% more money than those with less than ten years, according to Payscale.
  3. Company Size: Another factor influencing earnings is the size of the business. When compared to plumbers hired by smaller organisations or working individually, plumbers working for larger companies or corporations may have superior benefits, such as insurance and retirement plans, as well as higher compensation.
  4. Job Type: The type of work you do, such as maintenance, new construction, plumbing, or emergency repairs, might also affect your pay. Due to their urgency, emergency plumbing services sometimes attract greater costs; nevertheless, contract work in new construction may provide more consistent revenue.
  5. Qualifications: A plumber’s pay may be strongly affected by the degree of formal training and certifications they possess. A certified plumber in Australia who has fulfilled the required apprenticeship and certification requirements is likely to make more money than someone who hasn’t had any formal training. For reliable and highly qualified plumbing services in Adelaide, residents can rely on Will’s Plumbing Adelaide. Their team of certified professionals ensures top-quality service and expertise, providing peace of mind for all your plumbing needs.
  6. Additional Skills: Plumbers may be able to make more money if they expand their expertise into fields like gas fitting, HVAC systems, or the repair of specialist industrial equipment. They are more marketable and flexible because of their extra abilities.

Average Plumbers’ Salary in Australia

Understanding how much a plumber earns in Australia involves examining various salary metrics, such as annual and hourly rates, and how these figures vary with experience and location. It also includes a comparison with other trades to provide a broader perspective on where plumbing stands in the labour market.


  1. Annual and Hourly Salary Rates: According to Indeed, a job posting website, Australian plumbers typically earn between $55,000 and $85,000 per year. The hourly wage typically ranges from $25 to $40. These figures may vary significantly based on emergency call-outs, overtime, and specialty services (Indeed, 2023).
  2. Experience has a major role in determining a plumber’s salary, according to Job Outlook Australia. Plumbers who are just starting out and have less than five years of experience often earn the lowest salaries. On the other hand, those in the middle of their careers—those with five to 10 years under their belt—typically see a notable rise. One aspect that motivates long-term career progression in the plumbing business is the possibility for experienced plumbers with over ten years of experience, especially in supervisory jobs, to earn towards the top end of the scale (Job Outlook Australia, 2023).
  3. The influence that plumbers’ geographic location has on their salaries is highlighted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Due to increased living expenses and a greater demand for their services, plumbers in large cities like Sydney and Melbourne usually make more money. On the other hand, rural plumbers can make less money. Sometimes, the averages in certain regions—like Western Australia and Queensland—are a little higher, reflecting the needs and circumstances of the local economy.
  4. Comparing a plumber’s salary to other trades reveals that, on the whole, they do better than other trades like carpentry, electrical work, and construction labour. This information helps readers understand the practical implications of their career choices as well as the possibility of geographic mobility in the plumbing industry (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2023). This illustrates the vital aspect of plumbing work and the specialised skills needed. Plumbing is a profitable career option since plumbers often get salaries that are comparable to or somewhat greater than those of these other professional trades (Trades Express, 2023).

Ways to Increase Plumbers’ Earnings in Australia

After learning “How much do plumbers make in Australia?”, another thing that plumbers do is to look for a way to boost their earnings. I have several viable strategies to consider. Here are some effective ways to enhance their income potential:


  1. Upskilling and Training: Any plumber who wants to grow in their position and make more money has to further their education and develop new skills. Attending workshops and training sessions may help plumbers remain current on industry innovations and laws. Also, they will be able to charge more and draw in more clients if they get accredited in in-demand services like gas fitting, solar thermal systems and green plumbing.
  2. Starting a Plumbing Business: It might be beneficial for someone with an entrepreneurial flair to launch a plumbing company. You will have more freedom to extend your services, pick your clientele, and determine your own prices when you run your own business. But, it also requires sound business judgement, a deep comprehension of market dynamics, and outstanding customer service abilities.
  3. Moving to a Higher-Paying Location: As mentioned before, the place of your residence might have a big impact on your pay. In order to enhance service fees, plumbers may think about moving to places where there is a greater need for their services or where housing costs are higher. Compared to other regions of the country, mining districts in Western Australia or large cities like Sydney and Melbourne could provide more lucrative prospects.

Challenges Faced by Plumbers in Australia

Similar to several other professions, plumbing in Australia is not exempt from challenges that may impact how much plumbers earn in Australia and their professional careers:


  1. High Competition: Qualified tradespeople in the plumbing industry can face intense competition for the same projects and clients. In this competitive sector, having strong technical abilities is not enough to make an impression; you also need to possess strong customer service and marketing abilities.
  2. Economic Downturns: Plumbers may find fewer career opportunities as a result of shifts in the economy, since the building and maintenance sectors are especially affected. Economic downturns have a direct effect on plumbers’ workloads and profits since they cause a drop in discretionary spending and may cause delays in new construction projects.
  3. Changes in Technology: The plumbing sector is always introducing new methods and technologies, such as trenchless plumbing repairs, smart home technology, and environmentally friendly plumbing solutions. That is why plumbers must keep up to date on these developments in order to maintain their competitiveness and follow the changing norms and laws in the business.


The plumbing sector in Australia has been the subject of several discussions in this article, including factors that affect how much plumbers earn in Australia and potential opportunities for income development. Experience, supplementary abilities, and location have all been shown to be significant factors in determining income. Plumbers can raise their income by upskilling, joining unions, starting their own businesses, or relocating to an area with high demand.
However, in order to prosper, they also need to get beyond challenges like intense rivalry, economic downturns, and rapid technological improvements. Despite these challenges, plumbing is an important and rewarding profession that is essential to the maintenance and development of Australia’s infrastructure. For those willing to learn new skills and grow in their career, plumbing may not only be a stable job but a prosperous career.

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