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Adelaide Plumbing services we Offer

Adelaide Plumbing Services We Offer

Hot Water Services

Can you imagine how annoying it would be when you need hot water, but don’t have hot water running from your tap? Having hot water is one of the exceptional conveniences of the modern times. You can just turn the tap and the water starts running. Life without hot water isn’t impossible, but it can become very inconvenient.

Blocked Drains

Do you experience flooding in your kitchen and bathroom due to the refusal of water passing through drain? That means your drain is blocked and requires to be cleaned of the waste formed inside disrupting the flow of water. When you wash the dishes and then pull the plug, do you ever think about where the water goes to?

Emergency Plumber

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s Will’s Plumbing rapid response emergency plumbing team! We understand plumbing emergencies can happen and we are your emergency response plumber, here to help service all suburbs across Adelaide.

Gas Fitter

Suspicious of gas leak or need to get pipes sorted? Do you smell gas around the house or have suspicions of a gas leak and you don’t know what to do? Do not worry, just call on us and we will detect and repair the gas leak before more damage can occur.

Leaking Taps

Do you need a Plumbing expert to repair your tap? Dripping taps can be extremely annoying and can drive you mad! When the tap drips it is the result of wastage of water and the staining of your sink.

General Plumbing

From kitchens to bathrooms, Will’s Plumbing can help with installing taps, sinks, showers, baths, laundries, toilets, dishwashers, and more. Will’s huge range of services include plumbing repairs…

Specialised Services

Have an emergency service need? No need to worry about bad timing outside business hours. We have a 24 Hour Emergency Service number for any of your Specialised Services need.

Pipe Relining

Repairing sewer or water pipes located underground is something that most home owners have to deal with at once stage or another. Over time, pipes break, crack or corrode. At Will’s Plumbing we use…

If you have an emergency plumbing need, simply call to utilise our 24 hour emergency plumbing service

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See what people are saying about Will’s Plumbing

D. Gordon
We had a roof leak during some severe winter storms. Wills plumbing was out straight away and sorted it quickly. Wills Plumbing is by far the best plumbing service we have ever used. They are very personal and professional. They keep you up to date with personal calls or messages with time frames for jobs. When they are on site they are super friendly and professional. They are very trustworthy and will walk you through the problem and solution before they do anything. My wife feels safe and respected as they talk with her about the issue at hand. They are great with inquisitive youngsters that ask all the questions. Their quality of work is of the highest standard and don’t cut corners. The way they talk about the property is as if it is their own and actually care for the customers in the long run. No doubt the best plumbing service in Adelaide!

– R. Granger

D. Gordon
Excellent, top chap. Will began and almost finished work before I even got home. And was more understanding than he should have been when I was late. Will’s tools look like they could handle almost any job. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone.

– D. Gordon

Nice friendly guys that were able to fit in an appointment within 2 hours of calling them, with none of the nonsense of waiting between 12 – 4 pm. Arrived on time and very friendly. Great service!

– C I

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Frequently Ask Question

Are you licensed?

Will is fully licensed & insured and has been the plumber of choice for many people across Adelaide for 10 years. Will is constantly updating and expanding his skills and knowledge base; keeping up to date with all new innovations.

Can you help me with ‘x’ problem?

Will is experienced in a variety of plumbing issues: blocked drains, hot water units, gas, pipe installations and many other plumbing problems. Feel free to browse our website for a full list of what Will can help you with.

Why do my water pipes rattle?

Rattling pipes are usually caused by your water lines. If your water lines are not correctly installed or fitted, your pipes may rattle. This can be fixed quickly and effectively by Will’s Plumbing.

What causes drain blockages? Can I fix it myself?

Drain blockages are usually caused by a build up of material such as hair, oil, tree roots and other common materials. Many blockages can NOT be fixed using products available from supermarkets or hardware stores. However, if your drains are becoming blocked constantly you should call Will’s Plumbing, as there may be a more serious issue causing these blockages.

How much do you charge?

Without knowing the specific problem, it is impossible to tell. Contact us or request a quote to find out. It is important to know that we offer fair and competitive rates for any problems across Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.

Why is my hot water colder than usual?

This may be due to a few problems, but you should first identify the brand and type of hot water unit you have in your house. Once you’ve identified this, please contact us so we can investigate the problem thoroughly.

Why is my tap leaking/dripping?

Leaking taps can be caused by a number of different issues. For instance, you will generally find your tap is leaking due to a damaged part, or damaged plumbing. In this case, you may need to replace part of, or the whole tap to fix the problem. Will’s Plumbing offers affordable and competitive rates to fix leaky taps.

Why is my water pressure lower than usual?

Leaks, damages and blockages in the water pipes in your house’s infrastructure may be causing low water pressure. Low water pressure is a common plumbing problem, which means Will is well accustomed to fixing the issue effectively and efficiently.

I have an emergency, what can I do?

If you have an emergency plumbing problem, please call 0484 600 095 (available 24 hours a day). Will’s Plumbing Emergency Service will promptly fix your plumbing issue.

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