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See all of our reviews from happy customers here:

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Hot Water Services

Hot Water Unit Repairs & Installation

Is your gas or electrical hot water unit in need of repair? If it’s not running efficiently, it could be costing you money. Will’s Plumbing Adelaide is an experienced professional plumber who can check out your hot water service and advise you on how to get it running more efficiently.

Will’s Plumbing has years of experience and knowledge when it comes to installing new hot water systems including heat pump water heaters, continuous flow hot water heaters, solar hot water heaters and storage hot water systems.

Going without gas hot water is a massive inconvenience! So, if your hot water system has seen its last day… don’t panic and call Will’s Plumbing the Adelaide plumber immediately! Save time and money and stop waiting around for days to get it fixed or replaced. Wills Hot water plumbers can do hot water system installation have an appliance installed or even a burst pipe fixed.

If you need a new or replacement hot water heater or hot water system Will’s Plumbing can help by recommending a range of the best systems with the best warranties and expertly install it. Will can show you all the water heating options available to suit your home, family, lifestyle and budget and can help by answering any queries you may have about hot water service and the different options now on the market.

As your local licensed plumber, Will’s Plumbing is not only a hot water specialist but also a valuable source of advice when considering which system is ideal for you. If you have any questions, Will is more than happy to walk you through the decision making process.

If you’re looking for a highly professional service with a rapid response, Will’s Plumbing offer you the total plumbing solution 24 hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, weekends or holidays without costing you the earth.

Hot Water Unit

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Here are signs that your Adelaide hot water heater may need repair or replacement:

No hot water

There are plenty of reasons why a a electric or gas hot water heater stops working. To name a few, a thermostat may have failed, gas control valve or element has deteriorated or worn-out.

Hot water heaters may stop working due to a number of reasons, and it is highly recommended to contact a plumber who is trained in troubleshooting to find the cause why a hot water heater has stopped producing hot water to your taps within your home.

The tank may be cracked, leaking and have a pool of water around the system

A ruptured hot water heater can cause water to exit the cylinder and flood the area around the tank and leak onto electrical components or a gas burner. Its best to get onto leaking hot water heaters sooner than later to prevent further damage which can also prolong the life of the unit, as small leaks can turn into big costs if left untouched.

Water leaking through connections on the tank

Loose or unsealed connections on a hot water heater may leak and cause damage to hot water systems. Normally these connections can be easily fixed depending on the location of the leak. Best to address these leaks with a sense of urgency as the cost of fixing these can be a lot less than replacing the hot water heater itself.

Your heating costs have increased

In gas or electric storage hot water heaters, components like a thermostat and pilot light in gas systems can consume more gas than required, or things like elements in electric hot water heater may draw more power than required which would suggest that these components are faulty or malfunctioning, this can cause the use of excessive gas or electricity to be used and in turn cause high energy bills.

You may also be experiencing higher bills if solar panels on your gas or electric hot water system are not working correctly, this causes the cost of heating the water to increase. Additionally, blocked solar panels and piping can also contribute to costs of heating water to skyrocket.

Water is lukewarm coming through taps

Conventional gas or electric storage tanks that use gas control valves or elements and thermostats on electric systems that heat up the water within the tank may not be allowing the water to heat to a proper temperature.

The thermostat, which monitors the unit’s temperature may not be working correctly, be faulty, or have been improperly installed.

Possibly, sediment is preventing the heating components from functioning properly in the hot water heater storage cylinder

For continues flow gas hot waters that only supply luke warm water may have internal electrical faults with thermistors, heating components or setting temperature set incorrectly

The hot water heater may need to be replaced because it is nearing the end of its life

The power has tripped which is not allowing power to the hot water heater

If your circuit breaker has tripped, this may be due to a fault with the hot water heater. It may be a faulty thermostat or element which needs replacement or repair.

In some cases the wiring between the circuit breaker and the hot water may be old and need upgrading

Mice or vermin may have eaten through the insulations of the wiring and caused the power to trip.

Faulty installation of the hot water heater or wiring can also cause this to happen.

Running out or low hot water volume

Incorrect electrical tariff setting on timer may cause a electric hot water unit not to heat at the correct times to allow to store to maximin amount of hot water at the times when it is most needed throughout the day.

A result of a gas hot water heating not producing the correct or desired hot water temperature through taps within a property could be a result of incorrect thermostat setting on a gas control valve. This can be easily resolved by settling the valve or temperature controller to the desired and complaint gas settings

Water goes hot and cold in shower.

Having more water pressure either from the hot or cold water pipes can be a big playing factor when it comes to the temperature of water flowing through taps. More cold or hot water pressure can override the one or the other, this is felt more so in showers as the temperature can be observed more.

A faulty or old hot water heater can cause this to be a problem. As time goes on some hot water heaters can’t produce a consistent flow of hot water.

Blocked shower outlet and faulty taps can be a contribute if not be the main reason why water goes hot and cold.

A faulty valve on either the hot or cold piping may be causing the inconsistency of flow and pressure.

Incorrect hot or cold pipe sizing or incorrect hot water installation can also be the reason behind your water going hot and cold.

The age of the hot water heater

With worn and aged components, old hot water heaters may not operate as intended, requiring parts to be repaired or the heater itself to be replaced.

Some hot water units can last longer than others if the unit has been well looked after and serviced and checked regularly.

The amount of time a unit has been in use can also cause it to need more maintenance and repairs as some units may have had a harder working life than others.

Rusty or discoloured water coming through taps

If you have brown or rusty coloured water coming through your hot taps this could be due to old piping or sediment may have entered through the council/government piping. Draining and flushing the hot water heater may improve this however can be a lengthy exercise depending on the amount.

Noisy or hammering coming from hot water heater

Hammering, crackling, knocking and popping hot water heaters may be in need to repair or replacement depending on the root cause the sound.

Sediment around an element within a hot water heater can cause this sound to occur when the element is active and heating the water.

Expansion and contraction can cause hot water tanks to make a crackling or kettleing sound as the unit heats and cools.

Faulty hot taps that are turned off and on can cause hydraulic shock within the piping and resonate through a electric or gas hot water heater.

Water leaking through access cover panel.

Its suggested that water leaking through a gas or electrical hot water heater is not normal. This would suggest there is a fault within the hot water heater and more than likely the unit will need to be replaced or repaired.

Once water has been seen leaking through a hot water heater its best to isolate the gas and electrical power to keep things safe and then plumber who is qualified to work on these type of hot water systems.

Gas Hot Water Heater Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is a hot water heater which uses gas to heat cold water within a storage hot water heater or continues flow system.

Turn of the gas and power source to the heated water system, normally situated close to the water heating appliance or call a certified gas fitter to help you.

Having cold water rather than hot water flowing through your hot taps is not normal. The cause may be due to your gas hot water heater malfunctioning, you may have a faulty gas control valve, faulty components within your gas continues flow system. Best to contact a gas fitter or gas plumber to help diagnose the root cause.

A service period for gas hot water heater usually begins on the date of installation. The installation date of your electric hot water heater can be discovered on the certificate of compliance provided by the company that installed it, or it can be found on the invoice provided to you by the gas plumber. If you’ve misplaced all of your records, the compliance plate on your hot water heater should reflect the date of manufacture, which is usually not too far from the date of installation. If you are still unable to locate any of these items, please contact a gas plumber to assist you.

Replacing gas hot water heater can begin from $1200.00 inc gst for a 16 Litre continues flow/instant hot water heater. Elements which might be taken into consideration is the capacity of the new unit, location of the unit and access. A gas plumber may be able to give you a estimated price over the phone or a visit to your home might be required if the replacement of the unit is a little more involved.

Discolored brown water flowing through your hot taps within your property could be an indication there is an issues with your gas hot water heater or pipe work on your property. Things like a build-up of sediment within your gas hot water heater, rusty connections, fittings and piping also cause discolored brown water to come out of your hot water taps. In some cases resolving this can be an easy fix, so call a gas plumber to get this fixed.

Having a hot shower when the water goes cold can be annoying. The reason behind a gas hot water not allowing a steady flow of hot water may be due to internal components breaking down or being faulty in the HWS. Pressure and flow in your pipe work can cause a differential in your hot and cold pipes which can sometimes cause inconsistency of water temperatures. For example, water temperatures through a shower outlet may go hot and cold water pressure or flow is taken way by opening another tap on the property or flushing a toilet.

If you’re up to date with your maintenance and servicing of your gas hot water heater then the cost wont be as much as a neglected gas hot water heater. When a gas hot water system needs extensive servicing, its can be more efficient to replace the gas hot water heater.  So our best advice is to follow the manufactures service requirement to keep the costs down in the long run.

Older type of gas hot water heaters around Adelaide tend not to operate efficiently, especially when they haven’t been maintained or serviced for an extended period of time or not at all. Gas hot water heaters not well maintained may use more gas to heat water. Leaking valves or tank will allow more gas to be consumed to replenish hot water which is lost.

High water temperatures flowing out of taps within your home can be very dangerous, especially when young children are around. The risks of burns are likely to occur at these temperatures. If you are having very high water temperatures, then this due to your gas hot water heater malfunctioning.

Electric Hot Water Heater Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A electric hot water unit allows cold water to be heated which allows hot water to flow to taps within a home.

Turn of the power source to the hot water heater, normally located within your main switch board and then call a qualified plumber who is qualified to work on electric hot water heaters

This could be due to a number of issues like a faulty thermostat, worn-out element or there could be an issue with the electrical supply to the electrical hot water heater

A service period normally starts from the date on installation of an electric hot water heater. The installation date of the hot water heater can be found on your certificate of compliance supplied by the business who installed your electric hot water heater or it can be found on the invoice supplied to you by the plumber who installed this for you. If you have lost all records, the compliance plate on the hot water should show the date of manufacture, normally this isn’t too outside the date of installation. if you still cant find any of these then call us and we can help you out

Normally replacing electrical hot water can start from $950.00 inc gst for a 25L, factors that are considered are the size of the hot water, location of the unit, access to the hot water heater and the type of system. For a more comprehensive quote its best to call a plumber to visit your property

Contact a plumber to investigate the root cause of the discolored water. The hot water heater storage tank may need to be flushed. Connections, valves and piping may need to be upgraded or the electric hot water heater may need to be replaced

If you’re water if fluctuating hot and cold, this could be due to pressure difference between your cold and hot piping when a particular taps is being use. For example, when showering, your water may either go hot or cold if another tap is used in your house if a toilet is flushed. This can be improved by making sure you have the right pressure and flow through your taps. A faulty tempering valve may also be causing this inconsistent temperature of water which can be repaired or replaced. Either way its best to call a plumber to investigate and find the fault

The cost may vary on what stage of service you are at. the cost can start from a few hundred dollars and go up from there depending on the extent of the service. Best to call a plumber to give you a better indication of cost, a site visit may be required for the plumber to get a better understanding on what is involved to determine the price.

Overtime a conventional electric hot water heater like a 250 litre storage hot water heater can cause your energy costs to increase over time, a submersed element within a hot water heater may wear out and over time, which in turn uses more energy to heat the water within the tank to reach the correct temperature, so you may not always see this rise in cost over night, but over a gradual time period. Your element can be checked, tested, and replaced if this is the reason of high electricity bills.

The power source to the hot water heater may also be the cause high electricity bills, not having the correct tariff feeding in the heater may also allow bills to be increased, so best to get this checked as well.

Using a high volume of water can deplete the storage of hot water within the tank which then needs to be replenished with hot water, therefore the electricity is required to heat up the water within the storage hot water tank to the correct temperature, and yes you guessed it, more cost. So having family, friends or guests staying for a extended period of time can cause more hot water to be consumed causing the hot water heater to use more electricity to heat the water.

Having a over sized hot water system which stores more hot water than needed can be a waste of energy. This is why it’s so important to get the right advise prior to installing a new electric hot water from a qualified plumber, a hot water unit tailored to your family size and usage can help reduce the cost of your bills.

A continues leaking hot water pipe, pressure and temperature relief valve or hot water heater can reduce the amount of hot water stored within the system, causing cold water to enter into the system to then again be heated, thus using more electricity. So if you have a leaking electric hot water heater its best to have it repaired sooner than later to reduce the cost of your electrical bills

Excessive heated water coming through your taps can be very detrimental to you and your family’s well being, with risks of scoulding and burns. A malfunctioning thermostat or valve, which regulates the water temperature,  can allow the temperatures to exceed what is safe. If you’re suffering the effects of your water being too hot, best to call a plumber to troubleshoot and find the roots cause to help resolve this for you

Some hot water heater brands we work on in Adelaide

Bosch Hot Water Heater

With a wide range of brands and models, Bosch hot water heaters have been one of Adelaide trusted hot water heater brands of choice in the past.

At Will’s Plumbing Adelaide, we can help you with service and repairs to Bosch 17e, Bosch 10,13 and 16 H’s and much much more.

Rinnai Hot Water Heaters

You may have heard or seen Rinnai hot water heater from time to time, whether it be on a family or friends house or on TV.

We believe that Rinnai is a great brand when it comes to electric storage hot water heaters and gas continues flow systems.

Rheem Hot Water Heater

Rheem hot water systems have been around for years and years, They have been one of Adelaide’s trusted brands of choice to supply home with hot water.

The Rheem brand have a wide range of models to choose from to accommodate and size family or home in Adelaide. To find out more, call 0484600095 

Dux Hot Water Heater

Adelaide home owners may have a Dux hot water heater installed on there property. This brand has a range of gas storage hot water heaters and gas instantaneous flow systems.

Wills Plumbing Adelaide have you covered for any repairs to Dux hot water heaters.

Thermann Hot Water Heater

Thermann hot water heaters have been in Adelaide for a little while now, they are becoming the plumber’s choice of hot water heater to install on Adelaide homes to produce a steady flow of hot water.

For more information about this type of brand, or if you are needing a repair or replacement than look no further, give us a call.

Vulcan Hot Water Heater

A well known brand across Adelaide. Vulcan have been suppling hot water to families across south Australia many years now. They are one of the oldest brand of units that we see installed in Adelaide homes now days.

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Will helped us install a brand new dishwasher where there wasn’t one before. He is really genuine and shows excellent attention to detail.

He was much more affordable than comparable businesses that I contacted for a quote. And the best thing is that he was prompt in responding to my enquiry and had excellent, clear communication and explained each thing he would need to do which cemented my decision to hire him.

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