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Being mindful of our water consumption is not just a financial but also an environmental need, especially when considering the average water bill for 2-person household in Adelaide. In this city, where water bills significantly impact household budgets, expenses for a two-person home might reach up to $136 a quarter, as reported by Onya Magazine. This figure is based on the typical daily usage of 380 litres of water for two persons.

But did you know that the type of shower head being used can influence this consumption? Because water-saving shower heads use less water per minute than traditional ones, they can drastically reduce this usage. This helps preserve Adelaide’s limited water supply and can result in significant cost savings on water bills. The sections that follow will delve deeper into each component of the water bill and offer practical tips on reducing water use without sacrificing comfort or lifestyle.

Lessen The Average Water Bill for 2 Person Household Adelaide

  • Factors Contributing to High Water Bills
  • Benefits of Using Water-saving Shower Heads
  • How to Choose the Right Water-Saving Shower Head

Factors Contributing to High Water Bills

Regular shower heads and their water usage


One major contributing factor to Adelaide’s high water bills is the widespread use of conventional shower heads. Suburbs like Keswick, Smithfield Plains, and Beulah Park often have older homes that still use standard shower heads, which consume more water than water-efficient models, increasing both the cost and use of water. By switching to a low-flow shower head, known for its water-saving shower head litres per minute feature, you may drastically reduce both the amount of water you use and the cost of water. These water-saving models are designed to provide a pleasurable shower experience with less water usage.

Other daily activities that consume water

The following common activities at home also add to excessive water use:


  • Leaking Taps and Toilets: An incredible amount of water can be wasted by a tiny drip. A tap that leaks one drop every second, for instance, wastes over 3,000 gallons of water a year. Meanwhile, a running toilet can waste up to 6,000 gallons of water per day if it isn’t fixed straight away.
  • Appliances Use: An example of appliances that can consume water is an older model of washing machines and dishwashers that use more water than newer models. Water consumption can be greatly decreased by switching to newer, more energy-efficient appliances that only operate at maximum capacity.
  • Other Household Leaks: Consistently inspecting your house for additional possible leaks, like those coming from water heaters or beneath sinks, will stop undetected water waste, which is a major cause of excessive water bills. If you need assistance locating and fixing these leaks, you might want to consider contacting experts like Will’s Plumbing Adelaide. They are experienced in these fields and can provide targeted solutions to avoid water waste. They are experienced in these fields and can provide targeted solutions, including leaking tap repair services to avoid water waste.

Benefits of Using Water-saving Shower Heads

There are several significant benefits to switching to water-saving shower heads which GMW Water focuses on, including reduced water bills, reduced water usage, and enhanced environmental benefits.


Amount of water saved per minute

Water-saving shower heads significantly reduce the quantity of water used per minute by using as little water flow as feasible. The water-efficient showerhead uses approximately 9 litres per minute, while the older model showerhead uses roughly 19 litres per minute. When using an outmoded shower head for a 5-minute shower every day, the quantity of water wasted can soon add up—roughly 36,500 litres yearly. On the other hand, a low-flow shower head would drastically cut this amount, saving money and the environment by using less water and less heating. (GMW Water Org.)

Reduction in water bills

The goal of water-saving shower heads is to reduce flow rates, which in turn reduces the amount of water used for each minute of showering. Replacing a standard showerhead with a low-flow one can result in significant annual water savings and potentially lower the average water bill for2-person household in Adelaide. The way that modern water-efficient shower heads use water is very different from that of older models. When daily water use is considered, the quantity of water saved can add up over a year, resulting in lower utility costs and less of an impact on the environment.

Environmental benefits

Shower heads with water-saving features make a big difference in water conservation, which lowers the strain on neighbouring water sources and maintains ecological balance. Energy conservation also lessens overall energy consumption and associated environmental implications, such as greenhouse gas emissions, by lowering the energy needed for wastewater treatment and water heating. By promoting more ecologically friendly energy and water use, these devices aid in the achievement of greater environmental sustainability goals. This backs programmes aimed at slowing down climate change and protecting resources for coming generations.

How to Choose the Right Water-Saving Shower Head

When choosing a water-saving shower head, it’s essential to consider various features that can enhance both your conservation efforts and shower experience. According to Buildmat, here are some key factors to keep in mind:


Features to consider before buying

Take into account the following characteristics when choosing a water-saving shower head, :

  • Flow Rate: The lower the flow rate, the greater the water conservation. So, you must seek a flow rate that isn’t higher than 2.5 gallons per minute.
  • Spray Pattern: A variety of spray patterns, including broad, massage, and mist settings, are available with different shower heads. You may select one that provides a comfortable showering experience.
  • Adjustability: Depending on your personal preferences for efficiency and comfort, several models have interchangeable spray settings or adjustable flow rates.

Compatibility with existing fixtures

It’s crucial to confirm that the water-saving shower head you select works with the fixtures in your bathroom currently installed:

  • Connection Size: Although the majority of shower heads are made to suit standard 1/2-inch threads, it’s a good idea to double-check before making a purchase.
  • Water Pressure: Under certain water pressure circumstances, certain water-saving shower heads function better. Make sure the model you select is compatible with the water pressure in your house.


Reducing the average water bill for 2 person household Adelaide is essential. These energy and water-saving devices are an excellent match for Adelaide’s water scarcity management initiatives. Through careful consideration of features and compatibility with existing fixtures, residents can choose the right sort of energy-efficient home and contribute significantly to sustainability.

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